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The “Secret” to a Low Cost Pennsylvania Divorce

The “Secret” to a Low Cost Pennsylvania Divorce

Date : December 7th, 2016

Posted By : admin

The “Secret” to a Low Cost Pennsylvania Divorce

Far away from the hustle and bustle of the big city streets of Philadelphia, Harrisburg or Pittsburgh there is this wonderful little town in Cameron County Pennsylvania called Emporium. In this North Central Pennsylvania county seat is where you will find the Cameron County Courthouse. You wouldn’t know it by looking at it but the Cameron County Courthouse is the divorce capitol of Pennsylvania. There are more divorces filed there per capita than in any other place in Pennsylvania.


The reason is simple. The filing fee for a divorce in Cameron County is the least expensive is the entire Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Filing fees in most other counties can be as much as 9 times what the cost is in Cameron County. Additionally, because they do thousands of divorce cases in any given year, the staff at this courthouse is extremely knowledgeable on the subject not to mention one of most courteous in Pennsylvania.


Most basic divorces can be filed there as long as both parties are fully cooperating and will participate in the process. In an effort to help my clients save a lot of money, I provide a low cost divorce service where I file a divorce just like in any other county but at a fraction of the cost. I still do divorces in my county of practice and surrounding counties when there are other issues involved that require a local divorce to be filed. But Cameron County is the “secret” to the very affordable service I provide.

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